About Chess Wizards

We believe strongly that education should be fun and exciting. Since our first classes in 2002, our Chess Wizards have inspired thousands of children across the United States and Canada to think logically, solve problems, win graciously, and learn from defeat. Our academy is so successful because our approach is so unique. Classes and lessons are based around our original, fun, and high-energy Chess Wizards curriculum. Regardless of a child’s ability Chess Wizards makes chess fun for all!

Our Team

Not everyone has what it takes to be a Chess Wizard. Our instructors are an eclectic group from many different professions and backgrounds who all combine four important qualities: a love and skill for the game of chess, a great ability to communicate, a passion for teaching, and the ability to use these qualities to create a fun and challenging learning environment for our students!

  • We offer raises to all instructors that show their dedication!

  • Gain teaching experience working with other professionals!

  • How cool is it to get paid to play the game you love!

  • This will look AWESOME on your resume!

  • You teach kids very valuable skills!

  • Its like a hobby you get paid for!

  • Micah Aaron Elkins-Kohn

    Chess instructor

    “ From the second I picked up the phone and called about an interview for this job, it has been nothing but a wonderful experience. I had an interview where we played a chess match, which was just a blast. ”

  • Tim Dobbs

    Regional Director of the East Coast

    “ I get to play chess and show others about something I have had a passion for my whole life. I work with great people and it feels like we are actually making a difference in children's lives; not just in chess but we teach life skills. ”

  • Lauren Leifker

    Chess Instructor

    “ Working for chess wizards has been a very positive addition to my life. I love working with kids and I love teaching chess. It compliments my school schedule perfectly. I don't know of any other job that would be so convenient. ”