Chess Wizards is looking for engaging individuals to teach chess to K-5th grade students, after school, in a classroom setting. If you love chess and feel you can make learning it fun for kids of all ages, then you have probably found the perfect job (the only drawback: it is part-time). Currently, Chess Wizards is looking for instructors who are willing to teach between 1 and 5 one-hour classes per week.

Instructor Responsibilities and Qualifications:

Classroom Management:

● Be responsible for your student’s safety and supervision at all times

● Maintain a structured and organized learning environment

● Encourage positive interpersonal interactions at all times

● Cultivate an interactive, friendly, and welcoming group dynamic

● Utilize positive behavior management and classroom management techniques

Teach Chess:

● Ability to relate well with children

● Ability to make chess fun!

● Encourage connections between chess problem-solving with real life problem-solving

● Knowledge of basic chess strategy required

● Utilize curriculum, teaching tools, and other materials provided by Chess Wizards

● USCF rating a plus but not a must


● Maintain regular communication with Area Managers and other coordinating staff

● Maintain positive relationships with parents, on-site staff, co-instructors, and school administration

● Promptness, punctuality and responsible conduct are requirements when working with children

● Be a positive role model for your students

● Be a proud representative of your own character as well as Chess Wizards

    Pay: $45- $60 per hour

    Hours: 1-5 one-hour classes per week

    If you are able to fulfill the responsibilities above, while creating a fun and exciting atmosphere in your classroom, then this is the position for you!

    To apply, please submit the following:

    1) Resume and contact information

    2) Availability from 2pm to 5pm on weekdays

    Please apply directly through our career portal:

    For more information about our program, Please check out our website: